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The Gdynia Maritime University Centre for the Offshore Industry is the new headquarters of the GMU Maritime Institute and the University’s Offshore Wind Energy Centre. In the Centre’s modern laboratories, researchers carry out comprehensive research and measurements to obtain new information on the state of the marine environment and resources required for the fuel, shipbuilding, offshore wind energy, and maritime transport industries.

The principal aim of the centre is to improve the quality and range of research conducted for the offshore industry. The scope of the investment project includes the construction and operation of a new research and technological infrastructure and the purchase of equipment which enables the provision of innovative services based on advanced technology. With direct access to the dock, the Centre’s location makes it a unique project on a national scale.

The GMU Centre for the Offshore Industry is part of Poland’s investment in offshore wind energy and a response to the needs of the innovative maritime industry.


  • Approximately 200 workstations
  • Two two-storey buildings of a combined area covering 5,500 m2
  • Warehouse for measuring devices and equipment with a surface area of 440 m2 and a height of 7.5 m
  • Direct access to Wisłoujście dock with a total length of approximately 500 m — 200 m of which is dedicated to transhipment (20 kN/m2)


  • Water Ecology Department
  • Economics and Law Department
  • Maritime Geotechnics Department
  • Maritime Hydrotechnics Department
  • Operational Oceanography Department
  • Environmental Protection Department
  • Maritime Electronics Laboratory
  • Spatial Policy Laboratory

The Maritime Institute has three accredited research laboratories. The Institute operates an integrated administration system based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

An important role in the work of the Maritime Institute is played by its research vessels, which include R/V IMOR — a floating multipurpose oceanographic research laboratory. All vessels are equipped with modern equipment and measuring devices.



The Maritime Institute is GMU’s research unit dedicated to the implementation of commercial projects, projects financed from external sources, and projects and scientific research for the benefit of the maritime and related sectors, including the energy sector; maritime transport and ports; maritime tourism; and cultural heritage. The Maritime Institute has for years been a leader in the Polish offshore industry in environmental research and preparing environmental, geophysical, geological and geotechnical documentation for maritime investments, especially in wind power. The Institute also acts as a competence centre, a centre for the processing and evaluation of information on the needs and priorities of the maritime industry, as well as the use of marine resources, including the management of marine areas.

Moreover, the Maritime Institute is involved in research and development projects in the protection of the environment, and water and marine resources ecology, including sea fishing; carrying out specialist laboratory analyses in marine geotechnics, chemistry and biology; providing expert knowledge on marine hydrotechnics; and the implementation of artificial intelligence to optimise transport processes and support ecological forms of transport.

Research carried out by the Maritime Institute requires obtaining and processing large volumes of measurements. The Institute has at its disposal a modern disk matrix with a capacity of 1.0 PB and a team of dedicated programmers and IT specialists to perform analyses. The Project Management Centre provides support for the Institute’s Departments and Laboratories in preparing, submitting applications, and final settlement of research projects, especially those financed by EU programmes. As a result, the Institute creates, develops, and leads international research and development projects financed by national and international funds.

The priorities of the Maritime Institute, which are part of the development strategy of Gdynia Maritime University, are the implementation of research and the development of innovative research and analysis methods for the marine environment; support for companies and administrations in investment processes; and the development of educational competencies for the needs of the offshore wind energy industry.