R&D services

Gdynia Maritime University is pleased to present you with its newest, updated and expanded catalogue of R&D services dedicated to businesses and organisations within the socio-economic environment. The new catalogue has been compiled in response to the growing needs and expectations of industry, and central and local government organisations.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the R&D services we offer in the following five thematic areas:

  1. Environmental Research
  2. Electroenergetics and Renewable Energy Sources
  3. Transport, Logistics, and Safety
  4. Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering
  5. Management, IT, and Product Quality

The principal focuses of the services offered in each area are as follows:

  1. environmental protection, circular economy and zero emissions
  2. efficient and low-carbon energy technology, hydrogen technology, and the green transformation
  3. modern mobility, modern retail, digitisation of organisations
  4. new generation fuels, environmentally friendly products, modern materials
  5. customer of the future, innovative organisation, digital organisation

The University has at its disposal highly qualified scientific personnel and modern research laboratories, guaranteeing research at the highest level. We hope that the potential and experience we have to offer will contribute to the establishment or extension of cooperation between your organisation and Gdynia Maritime University.

Together we can achieve more!

To begin working with GMU experts, or for more information, please contact our innovation brokers from the GMU Technology Transfer Office.


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