Resilient Naivgation and Timing Foundation

The Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit educational and scientific charity concerned with the growing frequency and severity of jamming, spoofing and interference of the Global Positioning (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite Systems that much of the world relies on in conducting its business and social activity.

The Foundation works to protect critical IT infrastructure through the promotion of solutions and legislation to combat these and other threats to satellite navigation technology, including cyber-attack, whilst educating leaders and the public about the importance of navigation and timing, current technological vulnerabilities and the need for resilience.

RNT consists of a board of directors and several high-profile corporate members, including navigation companies and institutes and technology companies on both sides of the Atlantic. The work of the Foundation is assisted by an International Advisory Council made up of a small group of academics, consultants, advisors and engineers from around the world, of which Professor Krzysztof Czaplewski of Gdynia Maritime University is a serving member.