Director's Office
room B-114

  • Keeping a calendar of meetings, organization of Director business meetings. Preparation of  documents for the Director and preparation, organization and settlement of trips – national and foreign delegations.


Ship Service and Maritime Practices - Manager Office
room B-116


  • Organization of work and supervision of the work of subordinate employees, together with the management of bonus, promotion and those to punish employees of the division.
  • Applying for prizes and punishing school ship crews.
  • Preparation of draft financial plans for UMG training vessels.
  • Supervision of employees of the Shipowners' Department controlling settlements related to the operation of ships, as well as cooperation with administrative units and cells in the organization of maritime and land practices of  UMG students.
  • Participation in the negotiation of the terms of invitations by ports, rental and chartering of ships.
  • Supervision of compliance with ISM Code, ISPS, ISO


Maritime Practice Department
room B-115


  • Issuing invoices and accounting notes to contractors of the Shipowners' Department and UMG training vessels in accordance with the concluded agreements.
  • Sending passes to ships to Gdynia Port and keeping records of issued passes.
  • Coordinating practices on UMG school ships of other schools – UMG contractors by preparing contracts for the organization of apprenticeships for other schools, coordinating activities related to the shooting and wiping of apprentices – determining the time and place of the boarding, handling possible passes, consents related to the entry of coaches.
  • Preparing documents for instructions for travel to training ships.
  • Checking settlements from UMG training vessels: lunch, canton, shop, captain's representation and cash reports.
  • Conducting a procedure for recruiting employees for UMG training vessels including job advertisements, collecting applications, preparing information about the recruitment  process.
  • Cooperation with UMG's Human Resources and Payroll Department on personnel issues of UMG training ship employees. Carrying out absence checks on UMG training vessel staff, checking holiday statements, allowances  and foreign exchange allowances.
  • Inspection of the stock in the on-board, machinery and hotel department on board ships.


Ship Service Department
room B-117


  • Directing the purchasing process to UMG training vessels in accordance with the procedures in force: accepting orders from ships and presenting for approval by the Head of Unit and Director of the Shipowners' And Maritime Practices Department, transfer of orders to UMG authorized entities under their responsibility, market research in the selection of the most advantageous offer for the purchase of materials, articles and services for training vessels, preparation of relevant documentation, control of the offers collected by specialists for the purchase of materials, articles, equipment and services in accordance with the rules in force at UMG and presentation for acceptance, after acceptance of the offer for purchase, to provide specialists with orders to make purchases.
  • Verification of the validity dates of certificates and responsibility for their timeliness.
  • Preparation of a description of the subject matter of the contract and other documents necessary for the conduct of the tendering procedure, within the time limits ensuring the planned operation of the vessels.
  • Check and accept the conformity of invoices and delivery accounts relating to school ships and the Shipowners' and Maritime Practices Department and control and approve fuel and grease trading reports.
  • Inspection of the technical condition of UMG ships and repairs carried out on UMG ships, together with checks on technical documentation and timeliness of training vessel documents and certificates.
  • Perform the duties of agent of UMG school ships in Polish ports, inform the relevant services about the ship's entrances and exits, prepare and send documents in PHICS and TRANSMOR, order pilots, moorings, tugs, etc. For ship rights, staging, applications for exemption from charges, settlement of port charges, including: towing, pilot, mooring, water, energy and garbage charges, etc.
  • Carrying out formalities relating to the insurance of UMG Ships, crew and apprentices, all accident, sickness, repatriation of training vessel crews and students practiating on UMG school ships and foreign shipowners, tracking changes in ship insurance regulations and ship crews, negotiations on ship insurance.