University of Leaders

Gdynia Maritime University was the winner of the 12th edition of the "University of Leaders" competition in 2022.

The Closing Gala, during which certificates and rewards were presented, was held on 29th June 2022 at the Nowy Świat Banking and Financial Centre in Warsaw. GMU was represented by  Deputy Rector for Education,  Dr Sambor Guze, and the Dean of the Faculty of Navigation,  Dr Tomasz Neumann.

The "University of Leaders" competition has been held annually since 2011 to accredit Higher Education Institutions and their units that are focused on educating social leaders and leaders in specific professional groups, providing effective practical education for students, and educating graduates with advanced competencies who are attractive to the labour market.

In 2021, the "University of Leaders" certificate was awarded to GMU's Faculty of Navigation. This year, Gdynia Maritime University - including all faculties and educational units - has been nominated as a whole.

The "University of Leaders 2022" is important information for high school graduates deciding where to continue their education. It is also of importance in the promotion of the University.