Education at the Faculty of Navigation

The Faculty of Navigation educates students in the fields of:

  • Navigation - in the following specialisations: offshore technology, safety management in maritime transport, Arctic shipping,
  • Transport - in the following specialisations: maritime transport and logistics.

Maritime Transport

Our degrees in maritime transport aim to develop world-class specialists in ship operations within the maritime transport industry. Graduates of our integrated master's degree programme are awarded a master of engineering degree (magister inżynier), whereas graduates of our bachelor's (1st-cycle) programme shall receive the equivalent of a bachelor of engineering degree (inżynier). Upon completion of an apprenticeship (as required by STCW), students shall also be granted the rank of officer and the authority to perform the duties of officer and manager on board ships in the deck department.

Transport and Logistics

The Faculty's degrees in transport and logistics prepare specialists for work in transport, shipping and logistics companies and companies that work in connection with the widely understood international transport industry. Thanks to the knowledge gained, and the acquired skills, graduates can take up engineering and managerial roles. Graduates of both specialisations are awarded the equivalent of a bachelor of engineering degree (Inżynier), confirmed by a higher education diploma. Graduates of 2nd-cycle (master's) degree programmes in maritime transport and logistics receive a master's degree diploma and are prepared to take up work in engineering and managerial roles in the widely understood maritime transport shipping and logistics sector.

Studies within both academic disciplines are suitable for candidates that demonstrate ability in exact sciences, developed spatial intelligence, enjoy being active, and are natural leaders.