Honorary Doctors

Honorary Doctorate

1. Persons of merit in the areas of maritime scientific development, culture, the industry, education, or the social life of the University may be awarded an honorary doctoral degree.

2. Honorary doctoral degrees are awarded by the Senate.

3. A proposal for the award of an honorary doctoral degree may be drafted by the Rector on his initiative or at the request of a dean or at least five academic teachers that hold the academic title of Professor, employed at the University as their main place of work. Proposals for the award of an honorary doctoral degree, including a justification and information on the candidate, shall be submitted to the Rector in writing.

4. The Rector shall transmit the proposal to the Senate for consideration.

5. The award procedure shall be initiated by the Senate on the basis of a resolution passed by a majority of two-thirds in the presence of no less than two-thirds of the Senate's statutory composition.

6. The resolution on the award of an honorary doctoral degree shall be passed by the Senate by an absolute majority, on the basis of opinions supporting the proposal, as requested by the Rector from the following:

1) three persons with the academic title of Professor;

2) three members of the Senate, the Scientific Councils, or other University bodies concerned with academic matters.

7. The award of an honorary doctoral degree shall be confirmed by a degree certificate given to the candidate during a ceremonial sitting of the Senate. Honorary doctoral degree certificates shall be provided in Polish and Latin.

8. Recipients of honorary doctoral degrees shall receive a Gdynia Maritime University uniform, the distinctions of which are outlined in the Staff Uniform Instructions.

9. Recipients of honorary doctoral degrees shall be invited to participate in sittings of the Senate in an advisory capacity. 


Article 7 of Annexe 2 to the Gdynia Maritime University Articles of Association of 28th June 2021.