Reading needs of the academic community are met by the Main Library of Gdynia Maritime University that has been functioning since the beginning of the Maritime School in Tczew, that is since 1920. In 1930, together with the whole institution, it was moved to Gdynia.

The collection of the Library consists of more than 100,000 books, about 9,000 periodicals and more than 200 units of special collections. The library is computerized and has at its disposal a reading room with books, magazines and the Internet access – open until late evening. It cooperates with all the scientific libraries of Tricity. It has the most modern and updated computer system that enables ordering books online (VTLS – VIRTUA). Students of the Faculty of Navigation have a branch of the Library in their building at 3 Jana Pawła II Alley. The electronic student identity card is used as a library pass.

Tradition Chamber

Gdynia Maritime University is proud to have its own museum - the Tradition Chamber, which has existed since 1973 (the first exhibition was opened in 1978). The Tradition Chamber was founded as the continuation of the Museum of the Maritime School in Gdynia. Its aim is to collect, protect, describe and make available in various forms material traces of the past - from the times of the University’s formation and its later existence. In the permanent exhibition “From maritime education” (Polish: “Z historic szkolnictwa morskiego”) precious exhibits can be found: different flags, navigational instruments,  elements of ships’ equipment, souvenirs from voyages, medals and orders, elements of uniforms from different historic periods and models of ships. There are also collections of documents concerning the process of education (regulations, certificates, identity cards, course books since 1945) and documents related to professional career paths of graduates and to achievements of students and the university staff. Since 1990 the Chamber has been organising a literary-journalistic competition for students under the title “My sea practice” (“Polish: “Moja praktyka morska”) and since 2000 it has also cyclically held “Maritime meetings” (Polish: “Spotkania marynistyczne”), which gather people interested in maritime culture and literature.

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