Radar Navigation Lab

Featuring a K-Sim integrated navigation bridge simulator (full-mission bridge) manufactured by the Norwegian company Kongsberg, the laboratory is used for sessions on navigation equipment attended by 1st-cycle (bachelor's) degree students studying Maritime transport, and once students have gained the necessary operational experienceas, sessions as part of the RADAR/ARPA course. The simulator consists of four separate navigation bridges and a room with an instructor's console, which doubles as a briefing and discussion room.  One navigation bridge has video channels that allow for observation at 180°.  Three smaller bridges house further digital elements of the equipment.

Navigational watches are carried out in three-person teams, and on each of the bridges, students have at their disposal:

  • A control station
  • DARBYR/ARPA with the ability to emulate the radar of Kelvin Hughes, Furuno, Kongsberg, etc.
  • ECDIS (Kongsberg K-Bridge)
  • GMDSS console and intercom
  • Navigation device indicator, gyrocompass repeater etc.
  • Observation panel
  • Alarm panel
  • Navigation table with map