Scientific Research at the Faculty of Marine Engineering

The Faculty of Marine Engineering of Gdynia Maritime University is the first university faculty in Poland to obtain and hold ISO 9001 quality certificate, which is a guarantee of a high quality of education and research.

The Faculty employees conduct following scientific research:

  • research into the role of foreign substances in shaping light field in the marine environment.
  • optimizing the conditions of petroleum products degradation,
  • analysis of correlations between technology proceedings at sea and natural environment,
  • properties of aluminium alloys and junction connections applied in marine construction,
  • evaluation of the possibility of using multiphase shells produced with the use of welding technologies for increasing the operating durability of vessel machine and appliance parts,
  • optimizing the parameters for technological processes of surface treatment of marine machine parts,
  • research into the running-in process in terms of temperature increase of the working system elements in a machine tool,
  • regeneration of machine appliance and machine parts,
  • hydrodynamic theory of lubrication,
  • marine environment protection,
  • research into vessel hull integrity while affected by a blast wave as a result of non-contact underwater detonation,
  • theory of shells applied to marine constructions,
  • analysis of working processes of combustion engines,
  • diagnostics of ship combustion engines,
  • analysis of ship propulsion efficacy,
  • simulation of ship propulsion processes,
  • new generations of ship propulsion.

The faculty has modern didactic and scientific laboratories and equipment, including engine room simulators.