Ship Propulsion Plant and Offshore Construction Operation

Academic Field: 

  • Mechanical Engineering

Level of studies: 

  • 1st-Cycle (bachelor’s degree)

Mode and duration of study: 

  • Full-time / 8 semesters

Admissions period: 

  • June-September


Within the scope of the typical marine specialisation conducted within the Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design field, students acquire comprehensive and up-to-date technical knowledge and skills in the exploitation and design basics of marine propulsion plants and offshore constructions. They acquire theoretical and practical knowledge necessary in the mechanical engineering department at the management level (marine engineering officer).

In this respect, the studies meet the requirements set out in the international convention on the training of seafarers (STCW Convention 78/95 of the International Maritime Organisation).

Graduates of this specialisation take up work on merchant ships of shipowners worldwide on financially attractive contracts after graduation. The earnings of a senior engineer officer exceed USD 10 000.

Graduates of maritime specialisations have for years received a very high rating for their professional suitability in the international marine labour market, and their excellent preparation and competencies provide them with an exceptionally fast career advancement path.

The studies in the specialisation Ship Propulsion Plant and Offshore Construction Operation are payable.