GMU Permanent Orienteering Courses

In cooperation with the Gdansk Forestry Agency (Nadleśnictwo Gdańsk), Gdynia Maritime University (GMU) has developed a network of permanent orienteering courses over a 9 km2 area of forest within the Gdynia city limits (Zwierzyniec and Cisowa forests). The orienteering courses are made up of wooden posts that will serve as control points (controls) to be found by participants as they navigate their chosen route. The project aims to make the forests available for learning and exercises in field navigation, and orienteering for sport, tourism or leisure purposes, including developing map reading skills and an understanding of their limitations. Using the detailed maps provided, the orienteering courses present opportunities to improve your navigation skills, spend time in the open air and enjoy the beauty of nature all year round.

Maps to a scale of 1:10,000 for the areas with courses of varying difficulty and length, descriptions of the cartographic symbols used and the characteristics of the orienteering courses can be found in the tabs below. There is also an optional control card traditionally used to verify that the correct control points have been visited by punching a pattern in each corresponding box on the control card.

Alternatively control points can be 'marked off' by scanning the QR codes on each of the wooden posts using the smartphone application "iOrienteering". You can also view the routes taken by orienteers who completed one of the courses on the day of the official opening of the GMU Orienteering Network (14/10/23) using the application "Livelox". The Gdansk Forestry Agency (Nadleśnictwo Gdańsk) has a decidated smartphone app with vector maps. Once installed, choose the option "Zielony Punkt Kontrolny - UMG". The app is available for Android and iOS

We hope you make the most of our permanent orienteering courses. Good luck in finding those controls! 

Please remember to respect nature and take your rubbish with you! For your safety, adhere to any notices and no-entry signs in forest areas in which work is taking place. In using the GMU network of permanent orienteering courses, users are obliged to familiarise themselves with the Regulations for Use and comply with them at all times. Use of the network of courses is at the user's own risk.